Are you the cheapest stand builder in the Netherlands?

No, if the cheapest price for realizing a booth stand is the only factor to make a choice for a company then we are not the right company for you. We consciously opt for a socially responsible way of doing business and work with sustainable materials of high quality and professionals who we offer good working conditions. As a result, by definition, we cannot offer the lowest price.

If, in addition to price, the quality factor is included, then we are very competitive and often the cheapest stand builder ourselves. Because we build all our exhibition stands with modular exhibition walls of the Belgian brand beMatrix, we can very quickly realize high-quality stand construction designs. Without the need for a lot of customization. This saves a lot of man hours compared to traditional stand construction with wood. This ultimately results in a very good price/performance ratio.

In addition to good quality at a competitive price, we offer personal attention from an account manager, a sustainable way of producing and innovative way of working together. For example, with our online 3D environment and project portal so that you as a customer can follow the status of the project at any time. This saves you as a customer time, provides certainty and makes the cooperation for both parties efficient. Gives ease of mind whilst preparing for a fair participation.

5 tips for competitive price/quality ratio of your stand construction:

1) Keep the design simple but effective, by setting many specific requirements, the costs quickly increase without improving the final result.

2) Ask your stand builder for advice and make it clear that you have a limited budget, so he can help you get the most out of your investment.

3) Don’t have furniture like counters made specifically, but rent high-quality fair furniture with your own print or logo.

4) Opt for modular stand construction based on reusable frames instead of one-off wood construction.

5) Order your exhibition stand on time, at least 3 months before the start of the build-up, last minute quote requests are often more expensive.

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