The (raised) floor of your exhibition stand

A floor in an exhibition booth is more than the ground on which it runs. The design, material and colors are the basis for the appearance of your exhibition participation. The right floor also offers smart (hidden) functionalities that your exhibition stand needs.

Opt for raised floor or not

At trade fairs and conferences you can lay your floor covering directly on the exhibition floor or on an elevated floor. The choice depends on your exhibition stand design and desired functionalities.

The advantages of an elevated floor:

· You can play with floors in different heights in your design. This way you create a playful, contemporary effect.

· A raised floor in your exhibition stand design offers an even, stable surface. In most exhibition halls it is missing. The substrate consists of uneven concrete or has seams and edges. With a raised floor you ensure yourself of a beautiful, straight floor.

· An elevated position gives appearance. The position literally rises above the aisle. The edges of stand are neatly finished with an aluminum border.

· Raised floors offer the possibility to remove cables, plug sockets, water supply invisibly. In this way, objects that need power in the middle of the position can be placed neatly, without visible cords.

· An elevated floor also helps to anchor heavy objects to the floor of the exhibition stand, so that they are unplaceable or cannot fall over.

Verhoogde vloer hoogglans rood 10cm
verhoogde vloer 3

Points of attention for an elevated floor:

• An elevated floor indicates a clear division between exhibits This can unknowingly create distance from the visitor, because he really has to enter your office or store. This is not an insurmountable ‘disadvantage’, but it is good to think about this.

• The step at an elevated floor of 10 cm can literally be too high a threshold for some visitors. Therefore, include one or more ramps in your design for barrier-free access.

• Due to the extra necessary materials and work, the costs for an elevated floor are higher.

King of Exhibition Stands offers the following three options for your exhibition stand. We indicate three corresponding price ranges:

€ = economy, €€ = business, €€€ = premium

Ground floor exhibition stand

  • finish with velour carpet or carpet tiles

Raised floor layer

  • Only 3 cm high
  • Power cables can be concealed invisibly
  • Accessible for wheelchairs without a driveway
  • loadable up to 3600kg/m2
  • finish with carpet, wood or laminate

Raised floor high

  • 10cm high
  • (high) power cables, water & gas or air pipes can be concealed invisibly.
  • indicates status to your position
  • finish with carpet, wood or laminate