The design of your exhibition stand.

The design of your exhibition stand is the first step in the process. Based on your wishes and the conditions from the exhibition organisation, we come together to the desired appearance and form of your booth. The design includes all relevant things such as exhibition walls, visuals, (raised) floor, lighting but also things such as renting furniture, audiovisual equipment or leaflet racks.

stand construction design

Request stand construction design

When customers request a quote for building a stand, there are roughly three starting situations:

  • A detailed design has already been created and a price is asked to build it on the basis of rent or purchase.
  • There are clear functional requirements for the stand and these need to be converted into a fitting design including calculation.
  • There are no drawings and/or requirements yet and the customer wants to know what is possible.

To quickly arrive at a good design with a competitive pricing, the2nd situation is most beneficial for you as an exhibitor. Because King of Exhibition stands realizes its exhibition stands based on sustainable modular components of beMatrix (similar to a Lego-like system), building a design that is not drawn by us is a lot more complicated and therefore more expensive.

Take, for example, the exhibition walls that shield your stand from the neighbors. By default we can vary the height of this with always 50cm, so 200cm, 250cm, 300cm etc. If a presentation wall is already drawn that is 270cm high, that means a lot of customization with the accompanying man hours and costs. In the3rd situation, too much is still unclear to arrive at a good design and it is important to first identify all wishes and requirements to prevent the design from continuous having to be adapted.

stand construction design

The following list gives an overview of the things we need to create an exhibition stand design:

  • At which business fair do you exhibit and when/where does it take place?
  • What is the length and width of the exhibition stand you have booked in meters?
  • Is it a row, corner position, head stand or island stand?
  • Do you have bare square meters or is there a form of standard stand construction?
  • Did you receive a handbook from the organisation with stand construction requirements such as the maximum building height?
  • What is the primary goal to participate?
    • Recruiting new customers
    • Meet and catch up with existing customers
    • Demonstrate product
    • Else
  • Is there a list of functional requirements that the stand must meet, for example:
    • X m2 storage space
    • Kitchen block with water connection
    • Devices or machines that are on the stand including sizes, weight and power connection
  • Do you have design preferences including sample photos from previous fairs or other stands, for example:
    • Desired height system construction
    • Round or square
    • Lots or few visuals such as printed walls, banners and banners
    • Carpet, wood or other carpeting
  • Do you have a corporate identity that the design must meet and has it been documented?
  • Do you have additional wishes for furniture or things such as monitors, laptops or tablets?
    • Counters, bars
    • Display cases, pedestals, shelves
    • Sofas, tables, chairs
    • Standing tables, bar stools

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