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The King of Exhibition Stands realizes all its exhibition stands exclusively with the innovation & modular exhibition walls system of the Belgian beMatrix brand. Also for the sale of beMatrix frames you have come to at the right place, we are officially beMatrix built partner.

And not without reason, beMatrix is the most innovative & sustainable modular stand construction system on the European market.

At the launch of the aluminium frame system with large holes, in 1993, the first major step towards sustainability was taken. The typical features of this system for the construction of exhibition stands are:


With the solid strong lining of the frames, these are also lightweight, which means that we have to use less staff to build up a trade booth stand. Less weight also reduces CO2 emissions during transport.


The frames can easily be used 200 times in different setups. This allows us to offer them at a competitive rental price and we use less raw materials for the production of new frames.


With the beMatrix frame system a 360° structure is possible: the frames can be used either as a raised floor, ceiling or as a stand building wall. In addition, the same package of materials can be used in different setups, allowing us to use our stock more efficiently resulting in lower costs for your booth stand participation.


We live in a world of change. Together with the beMatrix R&D team, we are working on product and process optimization on a daily basis and are very critical of the impact on the environment. The latest leading innovation is the upgrade to the ECO+ framework. The ECO framework was launched a few years ago as an ecological alternative to the anodised framework. Anodising is an additional step in the production process in which the frames are provided with an extra layer. This chemical treatment is environmentally damaging. In an ECO+ framework, anodizing is replaced by a surface treatment by means of sanding and brushing. In order to match the finish of the anodised frame, beMatrix and their suppliers have developed a brushing technique, giving the ECO+ frames an almost identical look to the anodised frames. An additional advantage of this environmentally friendly finish is that these frames can be completely reused, which is not the case with anodised frames. As the only Dutch stand builder, De Standbouw Koning works exclusively with the latest generation eco+ frames of beMatrix.

Sustainable production

in 2018, beMatrix invested in a new and fully automatic machinery. One of the main drivers in the choice of machines was the sustainability aspect. The new machines allow the profiles to be cut even more accurately by length, further reducing the drop-out. The small proportion of residual waste generated during the production process is recycled and reused for the production of aluminium.

Since all operations in the new machinery can take place under one roof, the number of transports to and from subcontractors is also greatly reduced. Solar panels ensure that the new production site runs largely on green power.

Simply request a brochure of the beMatrix stand construction system here.