Internet and Wi-Fi for your exhibition stand

As the world is increasingly connected, good internet via cable, 4/5G or Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly important for the success of your exhibition stand.

Fixed-line Internet, also known as cable connection.

A fixed internet connection is requested through the exhibition organization. As a stand builder, we ensure that this connection is distributed throughout the stand to the necessary places. Think of smart TVs, laptops or demo displays. Optionally, a private Wi-Fi can be added or an automatic backup can be installed via 4G or 5G.

Internet via 4G or 5G

Is a landline connection unavailable or do you want a backup connection for when the landline connection fails? Then we offer internet via 4G or 5G mobile connections. This can then be distributed just like a fixed connection within the booth by means of cables or a Wi-Fi connection. A second connection can be added as an option. We do this on another provider’s network to achieve greater stability and availability.

Wi-Fi for your exhibition stand

A high-quality Wi-Fi connection is important if you have wireless devices such as phones, tablets or laptops on your stand. King of Exhibition Stands provides a secure Wi-Fi network especially for your trade booth. Of course, we make sure that this network does not conflict with other Wi-Fi networks at the exhibition location such as that of the organization or other exhibitors.

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