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King of Exhibition Stands design


3 steps - Shape - Identity and branding - Interior

The new way of building exhibition stands, qualitative, innovative and sustainable…

We are King of Exhibition Stands and as a true Dutch stand builder from Amsterdam, we like to build your exhibition stand. Based on your business objective, we create a design that fits your needs and budget. We realize all our exhibition stand designs exclusively based on modular stand building concept of the Belgian brand beMatrix.

beMatrix delivers high-quality aluminium exhibition walls that we use time and time again as the basis of a design. This approach is better for the environment and your budget, moreover, you know exactly what you get in advance.

As a stand construction company, we guide your exhibition participation from A to Z. Contact our office for a free quote or advice. You can make an appointment for a telephone intake with our Commercial Director.

Our Royal guarantees

  • Your own account manager for all contacts before, during and after the fair.
  • Quick response times, within a few working days a comprehensive quote.
  • Upfront visualizations in 3D or even in virtual reality.
  • King of Exhibition Stands builds sustainably & innovative with high-quality exhibition walls of beMatrix
  • Competitive and transparent prices, you know in advance exactly what the costs are.

Our Services

As a full-service Dutch stand builder, you can contact us for:

  • Renting or buying exhibition walls or stand-building walls
  • Renting raised floors including finishes such as carpet, wood, laminate or LED lighting
  • Renting design furniture
  • Renting av equipment such as TVs, monitors, LED walls or lighting.
  • The design of your exhibition stand
  • Building and winding down your exhibition stand worldwide
  • Project management & coordination with organization or location
  • Worldwide transport & storage of stand-building materials

Frequently asked questions about stand construction

Because The King of Exhibition Stands uses a modular stand construction system, we can work very quickly. There are several examples where we have designed and realized a complete exhibition stand within a week, including the printing of all the corresponding visuals.

Good question, this can be overwhelming and a bit difficult to find and choose your perfect partner. Typing the term “stand building” into Google quickly generates hundreds of hits. We asked our regular customers why they like to outsource their exhibition stand to The King of Exhibitions Stands. Below is an overview of the most frequently mentioned answers.

  • speed of response
  • quality and appearance of materials used
  • sustainable way of working
  • competitive all-in prices, more stand at the same or lower price

Already curious what we can do for you and your company? Challenge us and request an offer now…

Yes and No. If you are looking for a stand builder who sets up many tens of meters of simple white stock exchange walls at a low price then we are not the right partner. However, if you are looking for standard stand construction with a luxurious appearance and unique design that you can definitely contact us. Ask for a demonstration of our online ordering system where the exhibitors can easily configure their stand themselves.

From the Netherlands we provide stand construction for exhibition stands throughout Europe, in other continents we outsource the export of projects to our partner network. In this way, we offer worldwide coverage for the stand designs we have developed and are the right partner for our international customers.

Yes, we work at all (larger) exhibition locations in the Netherlands. For example RAI Amsterdam, Jaarbeurs Utrecht , Ahoy Rotterdam and many other event halls. If a fair is not in our exhibition agenda please contact our office to talk about the possibilities.

The King of Exhibition Stands exclusively rents and sells modular exhibition walls of the Belgian brand BeMatrix, this high-quality framework system ensures that walls can be built at lightning speed, is produced sustainable, recyclable and has a very long life span. At our office we can show you all the possibilities of this stand construction system and you can experience the quality yourself. Come meet us and make an appointment today.

The number of mandatory exhibition walls determines the type of exhibition stand:

  • row stand > left, right and back
  • corner position on the left > walls left and rear
  • corner position on the right > walls right and rear
  • head position > only walls behind
  • island stand > no mandatory walls

In addition to the type of position, it is also important to know the minimum and maximum height of the mandatory exhibition walls.

When booking a trade show stand you can often choose between a shell scheme and empty space. With empty space you only rent a piece of space (read bare concrete) and you will have to organize things such as carpeting, exhibition walls, lighting & electricity yourself or you can outsource this to a stand builder such as King of Exhibition Stands. In addition to empty space, shell scheme also includes things such as simple walls, carpet tiles, lamps and a power plug. However, the quality and appearance of these materials are often minimal. If you want to hire an external stand builder, always opt for a bare position space; otherwise, you pay double, and the possibilities are unnecessarily limited.

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