Printed partition walls for the office, shop & school.

Rent or Buy, available from stock with acoustic cloth, whiteboard or plexiglass.

A good design of your office contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere, no disturbing acoustics, creativity and optimal productivity. By using printed partition walls, you can easily and flexibly divide your office space. With our high-quality, quickly buildable walls, you create departments, meeting room and brainstorming walls in an instant.

Partition walls for office gardens

Buying or renting partition walls

You have the choice between renting and buying. Rent is useful if you want to temporarily set up a business premises: we will pick up the dividers immediately if you no longer need them. For long-term use, buy is a good option. You can use the individual separation elements over and over again in a different arrangement and equipped with a different design or material.

More rest through partitionwalls

Various studies have shown that a large number of employees in large, open office gardens experience the incentives and noise around them. Absenteeism is therefore a foreseeable problem. The majority of absent employees suffer from concentration problems and fatigue symptoms. Partition walls provide a quick and easy solution to make busy office rooms workable. They ensure a clear office layout, atmosphere and tranquility. With places to work in silence and places to meet with multiple colleagues.

partition wall between offices

Variation partition walls

As mentioned above, in your personal design you determine which materials you use for the desired look & feel and the goals to be achieved. The different materials have their own function. They can be applied in different combinations with each other. This allows you to create an optimal office layout in which working, presenting, meeting and brainstorming productivity and without stress or irritations go hand in hand.

The material variants:

  1. Acoustic cloth with or without print

Acoustic cloth is used to reduce background noise and ringing of phones in large office rooms. Acoustic cloth prevents the reflection of sound and absorbs noise as it were. This gives more peace behind the desk, but also in meeting rooms colleagues are more easily and more pleasantly intelligible. The canvas can be printed with a standard colour or with a personal design.

  1. Magnetic whiteboard with or without print

This partition wall is magnetic, describable and dry erasable. Use this wall for meeting rooms and brainstorming sessions. Also to be used as inspiration, participation or ‘creative wall’ in the reception room of (internal) seminars or in company cafeteria. Choose a standard color or for a personal design.

  1. Hard panels with or without print

For a sleek, smooth look & feel, opt for these panels. In combination with other materials, you will arrive at an inspiring office design with a designed look.

  1. Canvas with print

Partition walls are not only functional. They create atmosphere and appearance due to their colour or print. Print your wall cloths with your logo, a soothing colour or a cheerful print.

  1. Plexiglas/Acrylic Glass

Combine Plexiglas also called acrylic glass with other wall material for the right combination of privacy and connection to the rest of the shop floor.

scheidingswanden sportschool restaurant

Why The King of Exhibition Stands?

The King of ExhibitionStands s an expert in the field of modular wall systems through years of experience. Together we map your wishes. We would like to advise you which design and materials best match the business goals and budgets you set. With your knowledge about your business and our passion for the best customer result, we come to the best design and execute it in detail.

Our service point wise:

  • Advice from experienced office design experts.
  • Design and execution office design.
  • Rent and sell beMatrix wall systems.
  • Fast delivery time of two weeks.
  • Printing of wall panels and cloths: standard colours or custom-delivered file.
  • Panels can be replaced at any time. You can change material, colour and design (based on new quote).
  • If desired, the beMatrix system can be extended with floors and ceilings.
  • All heights, lengths and widths negotiable.
  • Straight and round walls and shapes possible.
pop-up meeting room

Printed partitionwalls of all shapes and sizes

Printed partitionwalls are in different sizes, materials and shapes. As a result, they can be used for any organisation. This ability to split up workspace is widely used by companies with large office gardens, such as banks, insurers, energy companies and call centers. Almost any desire for height, length or width and type of material can be met. Dividers are available in tight, straight shapes as well as in ornate, round, shapes and corners.

Modular wall system

We work with the global framework system of beMatrix. These lightweight aluminium frames offer extensive separation options with a luxurious and modern look. An open operating area can be (temporarily) classified according to your own wishes and taste.

The beMatrix framework system is modular, sturdy, versatile and custom-made. Within the frames you can play with different materials. From hard panels in the colours of your logo to soft, acoustic wall coverings with print. From whiteboard panels for brainstorming sessions to tight acrylic glass when in need of more openness between workspaces. A combination of materials is also possible.

beMatrix kaders

Sustainable production process

Sustainability is an important theme for us and this makes sense to our choice for beMatrix. The partitionwalls are produced with respect for man and planet. A small grasp of measures that are observed according to beMatrix’s sustainability plan:

  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Sustainable purchase of raw materials.
  • Inset recycled aluminum.
  • Efficient machines with less loss of raw material and reuse of this loss.
  • Sustainable product development.
  • Sustainable design with reusable aluminium.
  • Sustainable surface processing: no use of harmful chemicals and less carbon emissions while generating a protective coating on the aluminum frames and associated pins.
  • CO2 reduction through long life and recycling of the frames and the incentive for use of fabric upholstery instead of hard panels in customers.
  • Ensure waste management, use solar panels and green fleet.
Partition walls for office gardens

Printed partitionwalls make working at the bank more enjoyable

The head office of a large Dutch bank wanted to redesign an existing floor of its office building. The office space provided flex spaces for its employees, but that was not enough. Employees needed rest if they had to concentrate, and on a wall to hang something during a brainstorm. To increase flexibility in the functionality of the office space, the bank opted for movable ‘brainstorming walls’ and partition walls with acoustic cloth. All this printed with a personal print. This new flexible office layout was so good that every department of these movable ‘meeting walls’ has now been installed. The employees are enthusiastic and productivity has increased.

pop-up plexiglass partitions

beMatrix dividers meet the highest fire ratings for a safe working environment.

Seek personal advice

Do you have questions about our flexible system walls or would you like any advice? Please contact us and formulate your question briefly. We will contact you within 1 working day.