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Looking for stand builder for ReMaTec 2023 RAI Amsterdam?

As a Dutch stand builder, we are happy to be of service to you in realising your exhibition stand at ReMaTec 2023 in RAI Amsterdam.

ReMaTec is the world’s leading trade fair in the ‘remanufacturing’ industry. Specialists and experts from the revision industry, from more than 75 countries, meet here. The ReMaTec is the place to be for discovering the latest products, innovations and recent developments in the market.

In remanufacturing, a used product (part) is brought to the quality level of a new product and meets the specifications of the original product. Remanufacturing therefore reduces the use of raw materials, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The business advantage is even greater. Due to the reduced input costs, the gross profit increases significantly due to the sale of the refabricated product. At ReMaTec, all challenges and solutions in the process of ‘remanufacturing’ are discussed.

A regular part of ReMaTec is the ‘Remanufacturer of the Year Award’ ceremony of Rematec News. The awards go to a person or company that has made a meritorious contribution to the ‘remanufacturing’ industry. At a time when green issues, resource conservation, recycling and environmental responsibility are at the top of the public agenda, the award aims to highlight the huge commercial and environmental benefits of remanufacturing.

Sustainable exhibition stand at ReMaTec 2023

At ReMaTec, which is dedicated to the reuse of materials, a sustainable exhibition stand is very appropriate. King of Exhibition Stands works with the modular and sustainable beMatrix frame system. Almost all shapes, lines and constructions are conceivable and feasible with the lightweight aluminium frames from beMatrix. The method of production, the lightness, relatively easy installation and reusability of this frame system is unique. It is therefore a sustainable choice with a corresponding economic benefit for our customers.

We complete the stand according to your wishes in the field of exhibition walls, (raised) floors, furniture, audiovisual equipment and lighting. Based on your wishes, objectives and budget, we are happy to design and realize your exhibition stand. A 3D design of your exhibition stand is included in the design.

Feel free to contact us for prices, costs and offers.

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