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Innovative stand construction at the Parcel and Post Expo in RAI Amsterdam

The Parcel and Post Expo is a leading trade fair that presents the latest developments in the postal and parcel industry. Every year, professionals from all over the world come to the RAI Amsterdam to network, share knowledge and discover new technologies and trends. An integral part of the exhibition is the stand construction, which offers the exhibitors the opportunity to present themselves in a unique way and to impress the public. In this article, we will explore the innovative stand construction at the Parcel and Post Expo in the RAI Amsterdam and discuss some striking trends.

Active stand designs:

One of the most striking trends in stand construction is the shift to interactive designs. Instead of traditional static stands, exhibitors strive to actively involve visitors in their presentations. This is achieved through technologies such as touchscreens, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Using these tools, exhibitors can create an engaging and immersive experience that allows the visitors to explore and experience the latest products and services.

Sustainable stand materials:

Sustainability has become an increasingly important aspect in stand construction. Exhibitors strive to use environmentally friendly materials that are reusable and recyclable. Wood from sustainably managed forests, recycled plastics and environmentally friendly paints and coatings are widely used in stand construction projects. In addition, attention is also paid to energy-saving lighting and the minimization of waste during the construction and dismantling of the stands.

Modular stands:

Modular stands are gaining popularity due to their flexibility and reusability. These stands consist of separate components that can be easily assembled and disassembled, making them easy to adapt to different stand spaces and future events. Modular stands also offer the possibility to add additional functionalities, such as integrated displays, storage rooms and meeting rooms.

Brand experience and storytelling:

The stand construction at the Parcel and Post Expo focuses not only on showing products and services, but also on creating a unique brand experience. Exhibitors use creative elements, such as eye-catching graphics, lighting and sound, to capture attention and convey their brand’s message. In addition, storytelling is becoming increasingly important. Through engaging stories and narratives, exhibitors can establish an emotional connection with the audience and highlight the value of their brand.


The stand construction at the Parcel and Post Expo in the RAI Amsterdam continues to evolve and innovate. From interactive booth designs to sustainable materials and modular booths, exhibitors strive to provide visitors with a unique and memorable experience. Through creative brand experience and storytelling, the stands are transformed into engaging spaces that effectively convey the brand’s message. The Parcel and Post Expo remains a platform for the latest developments and trends in stand construction, allowing exhibitors to continue to surprise and inspire with their innovative presentations.

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