Fatboy standing table for rent around off-white

 75,00 ex btw

  • Brand / Model: Fatboy D’r-op or D’r over.
  • Material: stainless steel with high-quality powder coating.
  • For indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the perfect powder coating, the Fatboy standing table is rain-resistant.
  • Height: 110cm.
  • Diameter top: 80 cm.
  • Diameter base: 50 cm.
  • Color: off-white.
  • Weight: 25kg

Rental price is for the duration of the fair or event, including transport and insurance.


This round design D’r-op D’r-over standing table from Fatboy in the color off-white is worth renting. This standing table can be used indoors and outdoors at fairs or parties. The Fatboy standing table is made of stainless steel and has a high quality powder coating. This makes it easy to clean and weather resistant. This D’r-op en D’r over standing table is round and white and has the perfect height to receive active visitors or to enjoy a drink. Nice leaning is possible during a moment of rest.