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Stand builder Mobile World Congress MWC 24 Barcelona

Stand construction is an important part of trade fairs and congresses, such as the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. It is the way in which companies present their products and services to visitors to the fair.

Stand construction includes the design and construction of the stands on the exhibition floor. This can vary from small stands with only a table and some products to large, eye-catching stands with demonstrations, presentations and interactive activities.

The purpose of stand construction is to draw attention to the company and to interest visitors in the products and services that are offered. Stand construction can also be used to create a certain brand image or to strengthen ties with customers.

The MWC in Barcelona is an important trade fair for the telecommunications industry and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Companies from all over the world participate in the fair and present their latest technologies and innovations on the stands.

Stand construction is a crucial part of the MWC and plays an important role in attracting visitors and establishing business contacts. It is the perfect way to present products and services and to establish the brand identity with a wide audience.

The stand building Koning uses a minimum stand size of 48m2 and a minimum budget of 48K for this fair.