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Stand construction Infratech 2025 Ahoy Rotterdam

The King of Exhibition Stands will gladly realize your exhibition stand at the trade fair InfraTech 2025, the trade fair for the infrastructure sector, in Ahoy Rotterdam. InfraTech is a trade fair where the infrastructure sector comes together to make connections, strengthen collaborations, share knowledge and inspire each other. The fair is held in Rotterdam Ahoy and attracts thousands of visitors. More than 500 exhibitors will be present on the show floor, and nearly 200 knowledge sessions, workshops and lectures will be held. These will take place in five exhibition halls, various themed plazas, pavilions and theaters. The 15th edition of this important knowledge platform for the infrastructure industry focused on the theme “the enormous tasks we face in the Netherlands in the coming years.” This includes not only the replacement and renovation task of bridges, viaducts, tunnels, locks and quay walls, but also climate adaptation, the energy transition, housing shortages, nitrogen, circular construction and staff and material shortages.

We build your stand to measure, so that you get optimal results from your exhibition participation. We use the latest techniques and durable materials to make your booth look professional. Moreover, we can help you with the design of your stand, so that it matches your corporate identity and the message you want to convey.

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